Zipline over Cetina river

by Yachts Croatia

Adrenalin adventure

Just off Omiš, in intact nature overlooking the river Cetina canyon daredevil action of soaring downhill on a zipline has been designed

Zipline is an audacious adventure leaving you breathless while hanging in a harness flying downhill along a steel wire rope stretching between rocks on different altitudes and lengths. Terminal velocity drive provides multi sensory adrenalin rush. The zipline we tried out is only 3 km away from Omiš, a picturesque town surrounded by the sea and mountains Mosor and Omiška Dinara, nestled in the stunning canyon hollowed by the river Cetina, as many would say the most beautiful river in Croatia. This project was founded by a team of enthusiasts led by Dražan Mimica, all members of Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, experienced rescuers, mountaineers, cavers and climbers driven by wish to offer unique way of entertainment in this region. The organisers have thought of everything. The whole adventure is covered by top quality equipment used by climbers and Croatian Mountain Rescue Service. All elements of adrenalin park Zipline such as construction, steel ropes and equipment are calculated and the safety factor exceeds the needs of the actual load several times. Daredevil action starts from Podašpilje on a high rock near medieval fortress Visećgrad and ends in Slanica. It consists of eight wires of total length of 2100 m with the first one stretching across 700 m on altitude of 150m. One segment runs through the forest and the last two spread across river Cetina. These speed tracks offer possibility of stopping and feasting your eyes on the amazing nature. A van takes participants to the start line and back and every group prior to plummeting goes through a training session along two wires of 25 m with professional guide teaching accelerate system and pulley brake. Every descend is controlled – the first to go is the guide demonstrating descend, than participants follow, one by one under control of another guide giving them instructions and the first guide welcomes the participants at the end of the first segment. Hence those less daring ones can enjoy a tandem-ride together with a guide. Soaring down the steep cliffs takes place in groups of ten people and last three hours. Those who have experienced this unique ‘dance on the wire’ shall agree this unrivalled fun provides.

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