Winter activities in Montenegro

by Yachts Croatia

Enjoy your vacation

Despite being considered mostly as a ‘summer resort’, Montenegro offers a plethora of amazing winter options. Even from December to March the country enjoys a mild Adriatic climate and lots of sun, rich in untouched nature, incredible scenery and activities. Here are reasons and tips for guests who have plans to visit this beautiful land in upcoming months.

Porto Montenegro

This winter, Regent Hotel and Porto Montenegro, have teamed up to offer guests the perfect combination of luxury accommodation to shopping and spa facilities. Skiing in Kolašin, hidden gem nestled in the mountains of northern Montenegro could be more exhilarating than going off-road in a Jeep tour or why not enjoy the sights in helicopter tour over the snowy peaks? On the other hand you could try snowmobiling – a fun activity for the entire family to enjoy or take a hike through the snowy mountain tops.

Porto Montenegro

Have a day trip to the local bazaar, which offers you a culturally enriched experience or take time to have a coffee with locals and experience the slow and relaxed pace of Montenegrin life. If you’re looking for a sophisticated and charming way to celebrate New Year’s Eve, Montenegro’s top clubs and hotels throw the most memorable parties while Kotor’s winter carnival in the artistic buzz is place you must visit.

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