Le Sur-Mesure Hermes

by Yachts Croatia

The Tender Touch

The expertise of the French high fashion luxury goods brand stretches way beyond boutiques on fashionable boulevards, and indeed as its ‘Duc carriage and horse’ logo suggests, has been involved in the transportation sector almost since inception. Today, the discerning design style, craftsmanship par excellence and unique Herme s touch can be found in everything from residences, to private aircraft, yachts and of course tenders

‘Hermes has been working on mobility and transport projects since the beginning of its history,’ explains François Doré, Managing Director, Le-Sur-Mesure Hermes. ‘Initially, our founder equipped the most beautiful carriages of his time. Then came cars, helicopters, airplanes and of course yachts and boats. During the past few years we have been involved in a number of yacht and tender projects, including one created for the Windy Custom Tender Division; in fact, we’d contributed to the interior of the larger yacht, so working on the tender with designer Espen Oeino and Windy created a nice continuity.’ Hermes’ customers usually contact the French House directly, either through the international store network or via its bespoke division. ‘In many instances customers ask us to act as their designer, but as in the case with this yacht and tender we can also cooperate on some projects with externally chosen designers.


Ability to combine creativity, craftsmanship and exceptional material

In any case, our strength is to design what we will build and build what we have designed. Creation and craftsmanship are always combined in our projects, exactly as in any Herme s objects.’ Hermes Sur-Mesure department is unique thanks to its ability to combine creativity, craftsmanship and exceptional material. In terms of creation, upholstery and leather, Hermes uses nearly 180-years of history on a daily basis to offer a unique experience to their customer. François Doré explains: ‘We push the boundaries of leather in order to propose, for instance, an aeronautical certified leather but with a special feeling under one’s hand, which makes all the difference. Our team of engineers, craftsmen and designers, with a rich variety of backgrounds, (aeronautics, yachts, automotive…) brings a rich approach to each project by understanding the constraints, but always going further and playing with ideas and concepts.’


Nothing competes with the experience of made-to-measure by Hermes

Most of the craftsmen have a long experience with Hermes, averaging between 20 and 30-years within the company. ‘They are among the best in class,’ claims François Doré. ‘They come originally from the Herme s bag workshops or trunk workshop and they also spent time in the development office or bespoke bag workshops. They are able not only to execute work but also to perform the draft studies. They are able to exchange ideas with the designers and bring new elements. In some specific projects such as yachts when we have to upholster structural parts that cannot be removed, our team of craftsmen travels to the shipyard and performs the upholstery directly on the structure.’ In addition to tenders Hermes Sur-Mesure has extensive experience in the private aircraft sector, having recently supplied five interiors for EC135 helicopters. In these projects they did not only upholster the seats, but redesigned the full cabin and some exterior elements. Hermes Sur-Mesure has a number of different projects in the pipeline, as Doré explains; ‘At the moment, we are working on a 55’ boat, which is the tender to a bigger yacht we completed two years ago. We are also in the prototyping phase of a sports car for a private customer.’

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