Kristal Clear

by Yachts Croatia

Processing and producing glass, glass products and its accompanying materials is an art form and Kristal is one of the leading companies in the region

Nearly three decades ago, a small, humble, glass workshop was set up in Vitez. Today, that same factory processes and distributes around 800,000 square metres of glass annually. Kristal guarantees its customers high quality and innovative products, flexibility in design and cutting-edge solutions from within the glass industry. Clients can expect professional advice and assistance when picking glass type, functionality, efficiency and a feeling of full security during transportation and installation of the glass, both indoors and outdoors. Their varied range includes glass types suited specifically for kitchens and bathrooms. For example, showers, mirrors and washbasins. Furthermore, Kristal manufactures glass partitions and doors, stairwells, fences, canopies and roofs, all varieties of glass façades, insulated glazing, fireproof glass and glass designed for ships.


A relatively small number of companies have mastered the complex trade that is glass

Precise approach and reliable service have been at the core of the companies’ values since its inception. Market research is conducted regularly, high-quality, sophisticated equipment is invested in and staff are continually trained to create products of only the highest grade. The glass company complies to all European Standards and regularly exports to neighbouring countries and the European Union. Kristal are proud of these international certificates, as well as numerous references across the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, other neighbouring countries and the European Union. Evidence of the unquestionable quality of their glass.

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