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An ideal yacht to explore places of pure magic

Some people dream of gorgeous tropical paradises, others prefer heading to stunning landscapes in the Arctic or Antarctica and explore uncontaminated nature or enjoy breathtaking views. And it’s just from the dream of sailing around the Antarctica continent – a lifelong dream for many owners – that the idea of Nemo Ice, a 50m megayacht with a gross tonnage of 499 GT, really started. The Nemo Ice has been conceived to brave the seas at high altitudes while searching for unique landscapes or lifetime adventures. Every detail has been carefully designed to ensure that guests will enjoy a comfortable stay for very long periods of time and to optimize navigation also under extreme conditions. By way of example, tenders, rigid-hulled inflatable boats or landing crafts can be launched and recovered by using dedicated handling equipment: as a matter of fact, the Nemo Ice‘s davits are exactly the same as those installed on the brand’s military ships to handle landing crafts h24 in full safety.

Ocea Nemo 50 Ice

The Nemo 50 Ice is intended for people who have a big dream and are unwilling to compromise on what they want

The guests’ accommodation area has been designed in order to maximize guests’ comfort during long stays on board: the owner’s apartment – a full-width design covering the fore portion of the Main Deck – houses a private lounge which can be used either as a relaxation corner or as a study area, should one need working aboard. There is a sizeable bathroom where even a large sauna can be incorporated, if needed. The living spaces are also very spacious and thought to maximize comfort during long stays, as evidenced by the large open-space on Main Deck amidships. When travelling to far-off or unexplored lands, the crew plays a crucial role. That’s why they have large, efficient and comfortable spaces. As any crew sailing across the oceans is made up of expert people – whether highly qualified technical personnel or explorers – their accommodations need to be designed and arranged with their duties in mind.

Photos by Ocea

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